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    Cinque Terre: how to get there by car, by plane, by train

    1. Train to Cinque Terre
    2. By car to the Cinque Terre
    3. Plane to Cinque Terre
    4. Camper to Cinque Terre
    5. Boat to Cinque Terre

    Important! All rumors about the limit of visits to the Cinque Terre in 2019 are fictional! Officially declare - the park is open for tourists without any restrictions!

    For many, it is no secret that the most convenient type of transport for this zone is, of course, the train . Although, you can also get to La Spezia (Levanto or other nearby cities) by any other convenient way for you, and then transfer to a train or boat. You will find centers for tourists at all railway stations in the cities of Cinque Terre and Spices, where you can get all the information you need, buy tickets at the same time and take a printout of trains, so as not to wait at the station for a long time.

    Important Train to Cinque Terre

    The most convenient transport to get to the Cinque Terre is the train. Regional trains pass through the Genova-Rome railway line approximately every 20-30 minutes, stopping in all the towns of the Cinque Terre. Coming from the north or south, the main landmark is usually taken by the city of La Spezia , from which regional trains depart. Be careful, some trains only stop at Monterosso al Mare.
    Be sure to remember to check your tickets at yellow machines (in 2012 all machines were updated, now they are blue ) before you board the train.
    Prices and train schedules can be found on the website. Trenitalia , or you can take a printout in the centers for tourists, which are located at each railway station of the Cinque Terre. It is very convenient to use a special application for the smartphone " Trenitalia ", it is very convenient and comfortable to travel with it.
    Tip: for easy moving you can buy Cinque Terre CARD , costing 16 euros (2019). It includes trains between Levanto and La Spezia (all of the Cinque Terre) for the whole day, hiking trails of the Cote d'Azur and much more.
    Even in the case of a transport strike, 90% of the trains remain on the line in order not to spoil the rest of tourists in the Cinque Terre.

    By car to the Cinque Terre

    Since the villages are located on the rocky protrusions of the mountains, it’s not easy to reach them by car. The road is quite narrow and has many winding corners. Therefore, we highly recommend leaving the car in La Spezia (there are many parking lots), in Levanto, or at least in Riomaggiore (there is a paid and quite expensive parking there, and the number of free places along the road is very limited). In addition, city centers are completely closed to cars .
    But if you still want to drive, you can rent a car . Visit the site Hertz, Sixt, Avis - to select the best deals.
    Riomaggiore, Manarola: (blue line on the map) before reaching La Spezia by motorway, continue along the SS 370 embankment in the direction of Cinque Terre, and after 15 km you will reach the first village - Riomaggiore, and then you will reach Manarola (18 km).
    Monterosso: (green line on the map) exit the A12 motorway (Genoa-La Spezia) via the “ Brugnato Borghetto ” exit, then head towards Pignone , Soviore , Monterosso.
    Vernazza and Corniglia: (marked by the red line) these are the two most remote villages, and the road there is too narrow and winding, so we strongly advise against getting there by car.
    Attention: in the Cinque Terre Park and on the nearest roads you WILL NOT FIND A CHARGE, so stock up on gasoline in advance.
    The second map shows the best parking in the city of La Spezia . Green labels indicate free . The one on the map to the right of all is the largest and is served by a free bus .
    Want to rent a car? Visit the site Hertz, Sixt, Avis - to select the lowest price.

    Plane to Cinque Terre

    The closest airports to La Spezia are the international airport "C. Colombo" in Genoa (112 km) and the international airport "Galileo Galilea" in Pisa (84 km). From Pisa and Genoa, many trains leave for La Spezia. You can also fly to Milan airport, it is a little further, but transfer to the first train will not be a problem, there are also buses to Genoa, and then there you can take the train again.
    Skyscanner - the leader in sales of the cheapest tickets in Europe, use the search on their website and you will find the best deals on tickets (nearest destinations: Pisa, Genova, Parma, Milano, Bologna)!

    Camper to Cinque Terre

    A paid parking lot (located on gravel, with no additional shade, lighting, also toilets and drinking water) was created in Manarola , especially for campers. Limited number of seats. Also in Monterosso, you can find a large parking lot by the sea, but without any amenities for the camper.

    Boat to Cinque Terre

    In the summer, between the resort towns you can ride on a boat. They are more expensive than trains. From the sea, the coast looks even more beautiful and attractive. Therefore, we highly recommend that you take a boat at least once and enjoy the local nature from the sea.
    The boat schedule is shown on the left. Prices depend on the chosen route, from 6 euros to 35 for an unlimited daily ticket (updated in 2019).
    More detailed information is available on the official website. Best of Cinque Terre .
    Indeed: from April 1, 2019 to November 2, 2019.

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